28 February 2012


I wanted to do a short post on my nail color of the week. At the beginning of the year, when Zoya was doing the promotion "Get two polishes free, just pay shipping" I took advantage of it. This is one of the polishes I got! Jules :

Jules is described as "a sparkling neutral light taupe with gold, silver and champagne metallic shimmer."

This was only a couple coats, and it reached it's full opacity. It wasn't until I got it in the mail that I realized that I hadn't ordered Gemma like I had been thinking while waiting for it, but I wasn't disappointed. I like it a lot!

What do you think? Do you own it?

27 February 2012

Vintage Pink.

I'm sure by now, most people know about Rimmel being 50% off at Walgreens. There was even a coupon on for $1 off, so it's pretty great! But a couple weeks ago I had bought some cosmetic item at Walgreens and got a $2 off coupon any Rimmel product from the register. I was so excited because I've been wanting one of their lipsticks for a long time, but wasn't willing to pay $7.99 for it.

There was still a lot of Rimmel products today (I know it only started yesterday, but it's a good sale!), and they still had the one I've been wanting, Vintage Pink. I went and got it, $3.99 + $2off...$1.99!! I was so excited. Then I also got another coupon, for $1 off, from the register, so I gave it to my mom so she could also get one. Here's Vintage Pink :

I was so happy. But then I went over a little while later with my mom and as we were looking for a lipstick for her, I saw the KATE MOSS lipsticks and got excited again. I forgot about those! Of course, there was only one of the red and it was completely smashed in the lid so I kept looking. I was torn between 08 and 14. I ended up getting 08, a nice dusty rose. I went to the register with my mom because I figured she'd also get a coupon when she bought hers, and she did...but it was another $2 off! Man I was lucky..on top of that, the lipstick ended up being cheaper than Vintage Pink...$2.99 + $2off : $.99. Yes..two Rimmel lipsticks for under $5. AND I got another $1 off coupon! I will definitely go back at the end of the week, maybe get 14..or see if another store has 001.

I'm excited to wear these! I will do lip swatches tomorrow (my camera died, I was lucky to get these pictures!), and I also have some nail polishes I might swatch I just got today!

Have you taken advantage of the sale at Walgreens? What did you get?

24 February 2012

Sky Blue, Green Ocean, and Heartbreaker (PLUS a giveaway I won last month!)

I have at least three Walgreens within 5 miles of my house, so usually if one of them doesn't have something, another one will (and again, if not, then there are a ton more around town and close to my house). I was lucky to find Sinful Colors Cinderella at a new Walgreens down the way, and even luckier to find Green Ocean at the one down the street!!

I was super excited about Green Ocean, so when I got home I started looking at swatches of it to get an idea as to what to pair it with. I saw this one picture (sorry I don't remember the blog name..) used it over a blue on her ring finger and then on every other finger used Pure Ice Heartbreaker, another polish I have which I hadn't used yet. Perfect opportunity to use both!

Here's what I ended up with :

Pure Ice Heartbreaker, Love & Beauty Sky Blue

And here's the lovely ring I got with the Green Ocean polish. Will definitely save it for St. Patrick's Day! :)

I love Sky Blue and am so glad I finally got to wear it (before, I only used it in the tribal nails I did). I also think Green Ocean and Heartbreaker go well with it!

On a completely different topic, a while ago I did a post on polish I won in a giveaway. The same day I found out I won that giveaway, I also found out I won another giveaway (this one) and was so happy! I love simple silver jewelry, especially ones that are a little unique. I finally got the ring today and cannot stop staring at it. It is so well made and strong, I can see it lasting a very long time!

Here is a picture of it on my middle finger paired with a ring I already had (which can be seen above in the same picture as the green ring. I also got that one from Etsy if you're interested!); these are major close-ups :

I also like to wear it on my other hand, but it's a bit big on it (it's fallen off a couple times). I like the look of a loose ring though..weird? A bit. It also looks cute turned around as a double ring :

Frames my freckle nicely, yes? :) If you like this ring you can get it here for $35! Take a look at their other jewelry while you're at it. ALSO this lovely blogger is hosting a giveaway for this ring, so maybe you can be lucky like me and win it.

Don't forget to check out my giveaway page...there are some pretty awesome giveaways going on right now!

16 February 2012

Random Nail, Eye Shadow, and Lip Swatches.

I've gotten some new things this week, so I thought I'd put them all together one post. I am very happy with all my purchases this week! 

I got Wet n Wild Comfort Zone at Walgreens today. I learned something FANTASTIC today (not really)..almost everything in the Wet n Wild line are $.50 more in my neighborhood. Or at least I think it's just my neighborhood. These palettes are usually $4.99, but I got it for $5.49. Luckily, I had just returned something so I was able to get a couple things with what I got back. 
The left was taken in my room before I swatched them. The left side is in my bathroom after swatched, and you can see the glitter/shimmer better. 

Left side of palette.

Right side of palette.
 This is such a great palette. Right away I thought the bottom right corner looked a bit like MAC Club eyeshadow. After I swatched them, I can see that Club seems more grey and Wet n Wild is more brown. They both have a sheen to them though, which is why I thought them similar.


Wet n Wild is so much prettier in my opinion, but I like the darkness of Club.

I got this during Ulta clearance for only $4; Ulta Minerals in Canyon.
I think this is a great everyday color. I like to just sweep it on alone and put mascara on, and I'm done!

I got this at Rite-Aid the other day, and used the $1 coupon to get it. Wet n Wild MegaShield with SPF 15 in It's a Girl.

It's very bright. I love the formula of these new lip colors, but this one is too bright for me. I might have some occasion to wear it, though, just not every day wearable.

I've finally gotten Revlon Whimsical! I was super excited to get this. I swapped this with someone in Canada, Joanna, and it was my first swap. It was all very exciting..Of course, I found one while waiting to get this at Walmart, but I stopped myself from buying it. Love it.

I decided to put it on top of China Glaze For Audrey.

Very bright! I like this combination, but I think this would have been nicer with a lighter blue. More like the milky blue Whimsical is made from. Next time!

I got these from Forever21. I picked up four polishes Tuesday, all purple. I narrowed it down to these two, and I really like them. The one on the left is Dusty Lavender and the one on the right is Lavender.

It's hard to tell, but Dusty Lavender is a bit iridescent. At least, it was when it was in the bottle. On my nails is looks like a very very light lavender, almost white.

This is a silvery shimmer purple. I loved this one on. I've said it before, my favorite color is purple, but I don't have a lot of purple polishes..I'm fixing that though!!


I've gotten a few other things today, but haven't been able to swatch them. Soon though!

What do you think of my purchases? Do you have any of them, or something similar?

15 February 2012

My First Giveaway Win!

I finally won my first giveaway a while ago (well weirdly, two in one day) from Holly over at Hooked! I got the package Monday! I was super excited, one was from a brand I have never tried (Ulta3) and the other from a line I don't have access to (Essence, Vampire Love), all the way from Australia. They even came in a cute purple box (my favorite color) with a candy as well.

OPI RapiDry TopCoat, Ulta3 in Strawberry Sundae, Essence Vampire Love in Hunt Me if You Can

Here's Ulta3 in Strawberry Sundae. I was happy to get this because it was on my list! :

And here's Essence Vampire Love in Hunt Me if You Can, which was also on my list (it was hard to take a good picture of this, but it's such a great color!!) :

They're both such great colors! They only needed two coats. The pink is so creamy, I can't wait to wear it. The top coat really does dry fast, too. These are such great polishes, so I was extremely happy to win them Check out her blog if you aren't already a follower! Hooked!

14 February 2012

Comparison + My Valentine Nails.

A couple days ago I finally got Nicole by OPI Kim-pletely in Love, and I also bought Sally Hansen Solid as a Rock. I wanted to compare them, and also Sinful Colors Glass Pink

They are similar in that they are all light pink with micro shimmer. That is probably where the similarities end. Kim-pletely in Love is a milky pink with blue-ish shimmer. The nail shown is two coats, and it probably could have used another coat. Solid as a Rock is darker, with shimmer. I love this color! Shown is two coats also, and it was perfect. Glass Pink is almost sheer, with TONS of shimmer. It is also pretty, but I don't know if I'd wear it alone.

So I had originally planned on wearing Glass Pink and Wet n Wild I Red a Good Book, and I had seen so many awesome ideas for my nails, but in the end I decided to wear Solid as a Rock. Here it is.

It looks creamy, but if you look up close, you can see it has a nice amount of shimmer. Buuttt I thought..NOT ENOUGH! :)

So I added a coat of Glass Pink. I love this so much!

Now on to the art. I did them all free-hand (so in other words, if it looks bad, that's why).
Thumb - Sinful Colors Nail Art in Black and the heart sequins are from Jordana Red of Hearts.
Pointer - Sally Girl In Love (Sally's is starting to name their polishes, which is great! But if you can't find a name, it's just pink hex glitter).
Middle - Wet n Wild I Red a Good Book.
Ring - Wet n Wild French White Cream, Sinful Colors Nail Art Black, and Jordana Red of Hearts
Pinky - Jordana Red of Hearts.

I kinda like it..until I had to do my right hand. I smashed my nails before they had a chance to dry, so I just got frustrated and took it off. I left the black heart on the thumb, and re-painted them all in the two pinks, and used In Love on my ring finger.

What do your nails look like for tomorrow?