23 March 2012

hunger games.

Like most people, I am super excited for Hunger Games!! The books (IMO) were so epic..just last week I read them to my mom (no reason other than I wanted to read them again and so did she). So in preparation for the movie tomorrow, I thought I'd post my swatches..Hope you're not tired of seeing them yet! :
(I only have 7 of the colors, I didn't like all of them) Some are a bit messy, be warned.

District One - Luxury items for the Capitol : Luxe and Lush (worn over Dress Me Up)

These flakes are really big. I can't wait to wear this on white...I say that about a lot of different polishes. I think I need to stock up on white polish...

District Two - Stone Quarries : Stone Cold

I love this one! In fact, this is what I am wearing to the premiere :)

District Three - Electronics (don't have)

District Four - Fishing : Hook and Line

 No flash :

I don't like this one, but I knew I wouldn't. It is a pretty color, but goes on very streaky! 

District Five - Power (don't have)

District Six - Transportation : Fast Track

I love this one! It's almost like Essence Irreplaceable. A great polish/shimmer color combo.

District Seven - Lumber (don't have)

District Eight - Textiles : Dress Me Up

The last one was taken with no flash. I really like this color, so does a lot of my family! It can look pink, but also in the one with no flash. It's a nice feminine color.

District Nine - Grain (don't have)

District Ten - Livestock : Foie Gras

This is a new color for me..A nice deep mauve.

District Eleven - Agriculture (don't have)

District Twelve - Coal : Smoke and Ashes

I don't have a lot of blacks, so this is great for my collection! With blue shimmer, it's another great combo. 

This whole collection is great in representing the different districts..and while the old names would have been great, I like the idea of there being 12 polishes = 12 districts. 

I can't wait to go to bed and wake up, because that means I'm that much closer to seeing the movie! It feels like Christmas :)

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