21 January 2012

Day Seventeen : Cover Girl Outlast Lipstain #440


I have a love/hate relationship with lip stains, but for the most part I love them. In fact, I have quite a few of them in pinks and reds. What I "hate" about them is I can never seem to get my lips on straight..well I can but it takes me longer than a gloss would. I do like that they can go on light and dark depending on how you put them on your lips!

Here it is on the lip :

I like this color, but I was a little bummed because the tube looks like a dark pink, but on the lip it looks red (which is why I tagged it red and pink). Oh well...If you are someone who has never used a stain before, I don't recommend outlining your lips then filling them in. For me, when the color starts to fade there is still an outline on my lips when I do it that way making it look like i have only lip liner on. Not a good look.

What Cover Girl Lipstains do you have?

Cover Girl Outlast Lipstain #440 : about $8.29

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