26 March 2012

candy shop.

I've read this is a dupe of the same name by Deborah Lippmann, but I've never tried it. I absolutely love this polish! There is so much glitter. It was really easy to put on (however, not so easy to take off, there's so much glitter...). So here's Claire's Candy Shop (only $5, a steal compared to DL polishes) :

Look at all that! Different sizes and shapes..



I've seen a few frankens for this polish, which I was going to try, but $5 is cheap enough for this! If you have a Claire's nearby, definitely try and get this!

23 March 2012

hunger games.

Like most people, I am super excited for Hunger Games!! The books (IMO) were so epic..just last week I read them to my mom (no reason other than I wanted to read them again and so did she). So in preparation for the movie tomorrow, I thought I'd post my swatches..Hope you're not tired of seeing them yet! :
(I only have 7 of the colors, I didn't like all of them) Some are a bit messy, be warned.

District One - Luxury items for the Capitol : Luxe and Lush (worn over Dress Me Up)

These flakes are really big. I can't wait to wear this on white...I say that about a lot of different polishes. I think I need to stock up on white polish...

District Two - Stone Quarries : Stone Cold

I love this one! In fact, this is what I am wearing to the premiere :)

District Three - Electronics (don't have)

District Four - Fishing : Hook and Line

 No flash :

I don't like this one, but I knew I wouldn't. It is a pretty color, but goes on very streaky! 

District Five - Power (don't have)

District Six - Transportation : Fast Track

I love this one! It's almost like Essence Irreplaceable. A great polish/shimmer color combo.

District Seven - Lumber (don't have)

District Eight - Textiles : Dress Me Up

The last one was taken with no flash. I really like this color, so does a lot of my family! It can look pink, but also in the one with no flash. It's a nice feminine color.

District Nine - Grain (don't have)

District Ten - Livestock : Foie Gras

This is a new color for me..A nice deep mauve.

District Eleven - Agriculture (don't have)

District Twelve - Coal : Smoke and Ashes

I don't have a lot of blacks, so this is great for my collection! With blue shimmer, it's another great combo. 

This whole collection is great in representing the different districts..and while the old names would have been great, I like the idea of there being 12 polishes = 12 districts. 

I can't wait to go to bed and wake up, because that means I'm that much closer to seeing the movie! It feels like Christmas :)

20 March 2012

holo, glitter, and shimmer!

Today my mom was off, which means we usually drive around and not really do anything. We went across town to the new Dollar General (which wasn't what I thought it was going to be, so I was a bit disappointed by it!) and after that we drove around over there. We first went to Dollar Tree because I needed some stuff there, and I saw a pretty LA Colors nail polish, so why not, it's a dollar. After that we went next door to an 88cents and More store, which i found KLEAN COLOR nail polish..totally excited me because I have been looking everywhere for a place to sell these! It wasn't really the whole line, but there was a good amount..I sadly didn't have my list of colors I want for that brand with me, so I just grabbed what I liked. Lastly, we went to the mall, where I got a really pretty top coat from ICING.

Here they all are! :

I swatched them really quick, but just on my thumb (for some reason the last time I did my nails I forgot to do my thumb, so I just left one has said anything!). 

Kleancolor Black Out :

This is my first ever Kleancolor nail polish. I've read many people say the smell is really awful so I prepared myself...when I put it on, though, it didn't smell bad, kinda just like any other nail polish.

With Flash
I think this would be a really pretty top coat. I would use it on black, but I'm sure it'd look nice on top of anything.

Without Flash

Kleancolor Chunky Holo Candy :

Here's where I finally get the lovely smell people were talking about!! I just grabbed this one because it was one of the holo polishes (and this place only had a few). 

This is what it actually looks like but I showed it without flash so you can see the holo!

Bottle With Flash

Bottle Without Flash
These are all without flash, and I did the best I could with what little light I have in my room. This is going to look so pretty on top of almost any color, I am super excited to use it!

Kleancolor Chunky Holo Fuchsia 

This one I didn't even notice. At first I picked up the other two, and then a star glitter. As I was walking out of the store I noticed the star glitter had dried polish down the side of the bottle, so I knew someone had spilled it or it was spilled when shipped, so I asked if I could exchange it. That was the last one, but good for me because as I was digging in the polishes trying to find another one I found this gem of a polish!!

Bottle Without Flash

Bottle With Flash
This is going to look GORGEOUS! I was excited to find this because I swear I just saw it the other day on someone's blog. FYI, I will probably be wearing most of these in the coming weeks, so I will definitely have better pictures of these polishes. 

These are also without flash. This is actually how they came out on my nail, not really how they are in the bottle, but I expected that. When I looked up swatches of this, I noticed by itself, it was okay, but on top of a color (like blue or black) it finally did it's thing!! At least the bottle images showed up nicely. 

LA Colors Magnetic Force :

These are both with flash, but you will definitely want a close-up..This is a pink with golden shimmer. I love these kinds of colors for summer (especially blushes!).

This was only ONE COAT! I think I love this polish. Not only is it only a dollar, but it's also Cruelty Free, which is a great thing. Once dry, it will really need a top coat because it is almost matte..almost. 

When I was putting the polishes away, I noticed this bottle was EXACTLY like my Love&Beauty polishes I got in a 2 pack at Forever21: 

The back even looked the same..and LA Colors says it's distributed by 21 factory or something like that..coincidence?

Icing Call Me Glitzy :

I have been looking for something like this a long time..something with similar glitter to China Glaze Snow Globe or Lynderella Snow Angel. I love the way those look on top of white polish! I went to the mall the other day with a friend and saw this and knew I had to have it!

I show it on top of Magnetic Force.

With Flash

No Flash

No Flash
I am definitely going to wear this soon on top of white! 

Well that is it for now. Tomorrow, I have swatches I did last week of most of the polishes from China Glaze Capitol Colors. I was so excited to finally get these. Look out for those tomorrow.