30 July 2013

nail rock.

Hello all! I went to TJ Maxx the other day to see if they had ButterLONDON polishes (they did not). But I did see Nail Rock Nail Wraps in Tribal Gold. I have never heard of these, but when I came home to look them up on the web, I found them at for $8 - I got these for $3.99! 

I thought these were so cute. I love the fact that each nail is different. I have been going through a nail strip phase, trying different ones, and they are all usually the same print or color on every nail. 

HOWEVER, upon putting them on, the way they looked was the only thing that I liked about them. They don't stretch at all, they are basically stickers. They bunch up around my cuticles and at the tip of my nails. When I went to file the edges off, it left a ragged edge that had a bunch of strings (if that makes sense).

You can see in both these pictures that the stickers are bunched up around the cuticles and nail edges. Not cute! It also kept getting caught on things, like a jagged nail might. 

So after all that loveliness, I took them off the next day (today). I thought taking them off would be another great thing about them, because they just peel off (because they're stickers!!) but Oh My God..I peeled them off and thought "That was easy!" Turns out they peeled some nail off too. My nails are jagged right now, like when you peel off nail polish. NOT GOOD. I didn't even notice until I put on nail polish and saw all the jagged pieces sticking up. 

All in all, these are my least favorite nail strips I have used. They are very cute, but there is no way I would try these again. I am just glad I didn't buy them full price.

Has anyone heard of these/tried these? What do you think?

20 July 2013

Can't Find My Czechbook.

Hello all! I am combing through Facebook, looking at all the videos posted from ComicCon, getting super excited. The new Catching Fire trailer?? AMAZING!!!!!! And the How I Met Your Mother video makes me sad because it's the last season. I think that show has never let me down, and it has been 8 seasons. Does anyone else see any new trailers/videos they are excited for?

I bought OPI Can't Find My Czechbook when it first came out at Walmart. I remember looking everywhere for it, but no one had started carrying it yet, then me and my friend walked into Walmart for something and their salon had it on display! Now you can get it anywhere OPI is sold, of course. There were few in the line that I wanted to buy (actually, really only two) and this was one of them. I don't have anything like it, and it seems so common a color, but it isn't. I thought it was similar to Essie's Where's My Chauffeur? but it isn't. 

I love a good cream polish (which is probably why most of my collection is Essie!), and this is a beautiful blue. It goes on so smooth, and really only needed two coats. I used NYC Grand Central Station as a top coat, and I had just put on Orly Argan Cuticle Oil when I took this picture.

Does anyone have this color? What do you think?

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

14 July 2013

stellar nova.

Recently, Walgreens had their Rimmel line on sale (BOGO 1/2 Off), so I thought it was the perfect time to buy Rimmel's Show Off Lip Lacquer. These recently came to the states, and as far as I know are only sold at Walgreens at the moment. I picked up a bright and a more toned town pink from this line.


This is a very bright pink. It almost looks red, but it is pink (sorry, I'm kinda bad at describing color). I used only a little, because a little really does go a LONG way. I wore this one day and was a little disappointed when I looked in the mirror a couple hours later and saw it was bleeding. I have never had that problem with a lip color, so I think next time I'll use a lip liner and see how that works out.


This is a color I can see myself wearing more than Stellar. Again, you only need a little to cover your lips. I didn't notice any bleeding (feathering?) with this one, which made me like it more since that means I won't have to wear a lip liner with it! 

Both of these colors are really fun and bright for the summer. I can't see myself wearing these everyday because they are very opaque, and for an everyday lip I tend to lean towards sheer colors (and less glossy). Yes, they are very glossy, but they are LACQUERS. Some have described these as being like liquid lipstick, and I agree with that.

If these colors aren't your thing, they have a lot more (I think I read there are 14?). I believe these were $4.99 each, but on they're $5.49. I haven't seen these anywhere but Walgreens, and they're not even on Rimmel's website yet.

These names make me think of the song in Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century from Proto Zoa, "My super nova girl!"..Please tell me someone knows what I'm talking about!!

Let me know what you think about the colors, and if you own any of the Show Off Lip Lacquers! I'm interested to know if anyone had a problem with their lip color bleeding.. 

Have a great Sunday evening! 

12 July 2013

June 2013 Haul.

I know this is a little late for a June post, but I have been a little busy with work. I babysit kids for my friend when she goes to school everyday. The other day I took three of them to a park, and my battery died while we were there! We were stranded there for an hour and a half in 115 degree weather. I felt so bad I bought the kids ice cream on the way home.

I get paid once a month, so mostly what I buy is a haul; I tend to go crazy when I get paid! I think I got some really great things in June, so here they are...


The Body Shop Body Butter Strawberry, Satsuma, Grapefruit: After getting the big strawberry body wash last month from here, I wanted the body butter to go with it. The small ones were 2 for $10 at the actual shop (not Ulta where I usually buy their products), so I got those. The two small ones are just samples of Satsuma and Grapefruit. I love their body butter a lot. They are a little pricey in my opinion, and Target sells ones that are half the price by Boots. However, they recently stopped carrying about half their scents, which really bummed me out because I love the rosehip scent.

Freeman Feeling Beautiful Avocado & Oatmeal Facial Clay Mask: This smells good! I also like that it doesn't make my face feel tight after using it. I grabbed this on sale at Walgreens, but I see they carry a lot of other kinds at my Ulta so I think I'll try some more!

Origins Zero Oil Face Wash: I really liked this when I first bought my Clarisonic last year, but I had only gotten a sample..then I forgot about it and moved on. Recently I thought I'd try it again since I've been more oily these summer days, and to see if I still liked it. So far it hasn't been my favorite, but I haven't been using it all the time. I might wait to buy the full-sized bottle yet again.

Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask to Clear Pores: I have heard nothing but good things about this mask on blogs, so I got a little sample of it at Sephora. THEN as I went to checkout, I saw a travel size by the register so I bought it! I have only used it a couple times, but so far I like it. Another mask that doesn't make my skin tight after using it. It feels nice and soft! 

Nude Pro Genius Serum: This is just a sample I got at Sephora because it is another product I heard great things about! Sadly, it leaked in the bag it was in, but I used it anyway. After using it a couple days, I broke out a little. I haven't been using a lot of products on my face lately, so this is the only thing I could think of that was breaking me out. That makes me sad because I really wanted to like it!

Face Brush: This is just a simple face brush I bought at Sally Beauty Supply. I like to use this on my face almost everyday on days I don't use my Clarisonic Mia (mostly because it needs a new brush soon and I hate buying them for some reason..). It's nothing special, but I feel my skin is cleaner and softer when I use a brush than if I were using just my hands.


Sunglasses: The brown ones are from Forever21 and I think they're so cute! I wish they were a little darker, but I still wear them all the time. The silver ones are from Target. They're almost round glasses, but not quite as round as, say, John Lennon's glasses. They're also big, which always looks good on my round face.

Makeup Bag: There is nothing special about this bag (except that it is so cute!) but I keep my everyday makeup in it so it is easier to get to because before I was using a bag..not easy to find products. I got this from Forever21 and they have a lot of other cute ones that I badly want to get..and of course, they're inexpensive. 

Wallet: I've been needing a new wallet, and Target always has cute ones but none have caught my eye..this one, however, caught my eye AND it was on clearance! It zips, which is good since the ones that just snap close from Target tend to have loose card holders, which makes me scared to use on the off chance a card falls out..So this is perfect for me!

Earrings: The back two are both, obviously, from Forever21. I love them both and go with a lot of different outfits. The Dressbarn earrings are really big on my ears, and they make me think of clip-on earrings, but they're cute with my hair down. They were 60% off, otherwise I wouldn't have bought them.

Necklace: This is from Forever21 and was only $1.80! I always love their accessories because they're cute and inexpensive.


En Root Hairspray Flexible Hold: This was on sale at Ulta, BOGO Free, and I needed more so I bought it. It is a little expensive for hairspray in my opinion, mostly because I usually just buy some cheap kind at the drugstore, but I have heard good things about it. ALSO, it was $19.99 each, making that about $9.99 each if you think about it since the second one was free, AND I had a $3.50 off $10 coupon.That's was I tell myself when I think about how much I paid for the hairspray! But it is good, I used it after curling my hair and it feels soft in my hair.

Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Nourishing Styling Treatment Argan Oil: I bought this on sale where I get my hair cut...$10!! This is originally $21.95 so that is a bargain. The small travel size ones are $10, so I as happy. I really liked the leave in spray I got last month, and this oil is great too. I use just a little on my ends and on my layers which are always ragged. Since I was really happy with this and the leave in spray, I bought the shampoo and conditioner at Ulta recently for only $12.99 each during their liter shampoo sale. I really really like them, I think I'll be buying more from this line in the future.

Sally Hershberger Supreme Lift for Normal to Thin Hair and Glam Waves for Textured Hair: I haven't really used this yet, and it has mixed reviews on Ulta's website, but I have been wanting to try it for a while. This was also BOGO Free at Ulta last month, so I got this and the Glam Waves. Some people love both, and some think it leaves their hair feeling greasy. I shall just have to try and see!


Beauty Blender Pure: I have been wanting to try this for a while, so I finally ordered it from Amazon. I got the set that came with the solid cleaner. I LOVE this so much. 
The first one is how big it gets when wet, the last two are how small it gets with it dries. I have only used this damp, but I've heard it is much better than when it is dry. I use it for liquid foundation, concealer, and my powder. Love it.

Maybelline Color Sensational High Shine Lip Gloss in Punch of Pink: I got this on clearance at Walgreens. It is such a pretty pink! It gives a nice pop of color without being too crazy. 

L'Oreal True Match Naturale Powdered Mineral Foundation in Light Ivory: Since this came out, I have bought it over and over again. I love the coverage I get from it. I like my powder to have a lot of coverage, which is great for those foundations that don't cover as well as I would like. I also use this by itself sometimes in the summer, which looks very natural. 

L'Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder in Light Ivory: I really like this foundation. It is light coverage, looks natural, and when I use it with my Beauty Blender it looks great. It doesn't cover my red spots fantastically, but nothing every really does..and that's what concealer is for. I also like the bottle it is in. While it doesn't look like you get much product, it gives the same amount as any foundation out there, it just isn't double..glassed?...and with a lot of space on the bottle that isn't used for anything (does that make sense?).

Eco Tools Mineral Brush Set: I bought this for the kabuki brush, I was planning on putting it in my purse for compact pressed powders I have in my purse..however I don't really care for it at all. I really wanted the Real Techniques kabuki brush, but Ulta was sold out. 

Clinique Stay Matte Sheer Pressed Powder in Stay Buff: This is a great powder for oily skin! This is my second one, and I keep it in my purse. It also works really well with the sponge that comes in it. Also, being a high end makeup brand, it is pretty inexpensive, only $22. I usually don't use compacts, but since it's summer and humid where I live, sometimes I just need to touch up my face, or cover oil. This is wonderful for that!

Almay Color + Care Liquid Lip Balm in Cantelope Cream: This is pretty sheer for my taste, but I still use it. It does feel nice on my lips, and it isn't sticky. Maybe if I get a pink one it will show up better.

Stila Eye Shadow in Grace: I love this color! I was going to get Kitten since it is so popular, but then I saw this one and it is so pretty! Stila has really nice eye shadows, nice and creamy and pigmented. 


Beauty Secrets Acetone and Pure Acetone: I bought these on sale at Sally Beauty Supply. I really like the Acetone. I only need one cotton ball per hand usually (unless I'm wearing dark polish or glitter), and it smells good. The Pure Acetone I have never used, but I plan on using it only for cleanup around the nail, not to take off polish.
Sephora by OPI Traffic Copper Stopper: I bought this at Sephora for $4.50 on clearance because they're getting rid of the Sephora by OPI line and getting a new Sephora line (which looks so fun!!). I have wanted this one for a while because I saw it on a manicure and it was so cute..but now I don't remember why/what it was..but it is still a pretty glitter.
Orly Choreographed Chaos, Ridge Filler, Tough Cookie, and Rage: Choreographed Chaos is from the Summer 2013 Mash Up Collection. It is so pretty and bright. It is described as a Bubblegum Pink Shimmer, and I totally agree. I can't wait to wear it. The Ridge Filler was thick and hard to put on evenly. It also dries white, so I could see it under my polish around the edges. Tough Cookie is great, I haven't been wearing polish on my nails for a couple weeks because they haven't breathed in forever. But I have had this on and I think my nails were nice and..tough. Rage is a rose gold color, and I bought it small because I think it is pretty, but I don't really like metallic colors..maybe I'll end up wearing it on an accent finger.

Fing'rs: I was really excited about these! I got the brushes at Rite-Aid and the striping tape at Walmart. The brushes set comes with a striping brush, dotting tool, a brush for bigger areas, and stencils (zig-zag, dots, and a fancy looking one). The striping tape is green, blue, and purple. I planned on using them for tape manicures, so I used them for my July 4th manicure. The only problem is sometimes when I pull them off of the roll, the sticky part comes off. Here was my manicure:
Sinful Shine Most Sinful, OPI Big Apple Red, Sally Hansen Hard to Get
My middle finger and pinkie finger both had polish get under the stripes, and my other hand was completely messed up. The sides also weren't that great! I took it off before it even had a chance to dry. I'll keep using them, but I will just be more careful. Also, I ordered some from Amazon a while ago, and I'm now just waiting for them to come!

So that was my haul! Like I said, I tend to go crazy when I get paid..Let me know if you have any questions about anything, like/don't like something, or have wanted to try something I've shown! Hope everyone has a great weekend.