05 April 2012

ultra violet.

April is turning out to be an okay month so far! My friend goes back to school on Monday and I watch her kids for her, so that is exciting for me. Also, tomorrow is First Friday downtown here, which means a lot of cool art, music and more. I am meeting some friends from the museum and hopefully will have a fantastic time!!

This isn't what I will be wearing tomorrow (I'm not sure yet what I'll be wearing, hm...) but I received this back when I did a swap. This is my first and only holo! The girl I swapped with to get Revlon Whimsical said she had a couple of these and to choose a color..of course I had to pick purple.

I have only swatched this so far, but it isn't until I saw a holo in person did I realize how cool it was! I will definitely have to wear this soon..I haven't seen many people with this kind of polish around here, and many people loved my Kleancolor Chunky Holo Fuchsia nails (will post soon!), that I'm sure these will be a hit also.

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