27 December 2011

Bath and Body Works after Christmas Clearance Sale!

Every year I look forward to the after Christmas Clearance Sale at Bath and Body Works. It is simply amazing to me. Today I got to go and see what was on sale this year, and there is A LOT. Sadly, I only had $10 to spend, but I am some-what happy with my purchases. This is what I got (I apologize for the bad pictures, I had to use my phone camera)

Two Triple Moisture Body Creams, a travel size lotion, and a candle with a holder...and all for under $10!!

These are the two Triple Moisture Body Creams I got : Twilight Woods and Secret Wonderland. I think there was also Dark Kiss on the table. These were each only $3 (reg.: $12.00)! There was also the companion Triple Moisture Shower Cream on the table, and the Shea Cashmere Hand Cream. The hand creams had a bigger scent selection. These were two of my favorite scents this year so I was excited they were on the table (even though I'm hoping to get a new scent as the prices go down :) )

I also got this very small candle and glass container for it for JUST $2 FOR BOTH!! I got the very last Aromatherapy Stress Relief candle in my favorite scent Eucalyptus Spearmint

See how small it is? But with the candle being originally $3.50 and the glass $2.50, it was a great deal. The only candles that were on clearance were all holiday ones. I was actually surprised to see this one.

The last thing I got was a travel size lotion. This wasn't on clearance or anything, but becaue it's a new line they're going to have, it was only $1. There are three new scents in the collection (Escape to the Tropics): Aruba Coconut, Bali Mango, and Rio Rumberry. They all smell great, fruity, and tropical. However, I am pretty sure there was a similar collection just last year called Island Escape..? It also had Bali Mango, but the other scents were Hawaii Coconut and Fiji Passionfruit. A little weird, but I guess they were popular!

That's all I got. Hopefully there will still be great stuff next week when I get more money :) and if there are, I'm sure the sale prices will be even lower!! Ahh, the after-holidays.

What after holiday sales did everyone go to/plan on going to this year?

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