30 December 2011

Physician's Formula Clearance Pick-Ups.

Recently I went to one of the many CVS stores in my town to see what was on clearance there. There were some really good things on sale, but what really caught my eye was the Physician's Formula section, which had many items for 75% off !! (Oh, and I think I should mention I only had $5 to spend.)

I ended up buying two things : Mineral Wear Talc-Free Mineral Correcting Concealer (sale: about $2.25 ; reg: $8.99) and Pearls of Perfection Multi-Colored Light Bronzer (sale: about $3.50; reg: $13.99) I'd say those were pretty good deals (even if I did have to borrow a dollar from my mom)!

Here is the bronzer:

There are all different kinds of "pearl" colors, ranging from light brown to medium dark brown. There are a few pinky color thrown in there also.

 ...and here is the concealer set:


I always love clearance sales because you get to try things that were always too expensive to buy in the first place! And what's great about PF is there is usually a coupon on some random products, so I am pretty sure I could have found one and my total would have been even less.

I bought the bronzer because years ago when it first came out my friend had it, and it also looks cool! I mean, come on, what other brand at the drugstore has bronzer balls??
However, the happiness soon doesn't work that well. I don't know if I am using the wrong kind of brush or what, but I could not get any color on my cheeks! Maybe it is too light. It is also hard to use brushes because the "pearls" get up in the bristles of the brushes. But I think I can make them work: just smash all the balls into powder form. No more fun, but that way they won't go to waste.

The concealer I have some pictures showing what it looks like on my hand.

These are all three colors before blending..the concealer is called Natural Light, the green is Soft Green, and the highlighter is Pink Highlighter. The instructions said to use the green on any red spots on your face, then use the concealer over it. The green is supposed to reduce redness. Here's what it looked like on my hand before blending:

here's the green blended with the concealer on top of it (before blended):

Here is what they look like both blended. I don't know how well the picture shows it, but I feel like the green can still be seen.

I made the mistake of using this for the first time when I did my makeup in a hurry (meaning, if I didn't like this then I couldn't take it off and re-do my makeup). Even with my powder on top I ended up looking like I was trying to cover up a black eye!
The concealer by itself works pretty well though, so it's not a total loss. It is kinda heavy, but I just use a small dab under my eyes and leave it at that!

Here's the last part, #3 - the Highligher. I kinda like this, more than #1 and #2 that's for sure. Before blending it is a really light pink color:

After I blended it on my hand there was a slight shimmer. It says to use it on your browbones and temples to highlight. You can also dab some in the corner of your eye! I just put it on my hand for now.

I hope the picture is good enough to see the shimmer. I darkened the picture a little so the highlight would pop out better. It's probably not the best highlighter in the world, but it, too, will get used!

For anymore information on this product (like the benefits of Physicians Formula - there are A LOT!!) go to (you can also buy it there, but not for the clearance price).

Who else took advantage of the clearance sale??

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