13 January 2012

Day Nine : Smashbox Lip Enhancing Gloss in Cactus Flower


Since the other post was supposed to be for yesterday (damn you Nick@Nite for stealing my attention!!) I thought I'd do another lip post today.

I first got this years ago (I have a lot of old lip stuff) and it also was my first Smashbox purchase! It was in a summer collection ( I think ). I lo0ove this color. I love coral (in fact, my bathroom is coral).

Here it is on the lip :

This looks pinky here, which it is, but it also has coral color (you can see on my hand) and a light gold shimmer. I think it is the perfect shade for me and my skin tone. It gives just enough color, and gives me a nice glow (which is why I love coral blush too). It's one of my favorite glosses, and I have lost it and found it so many times since I got it.

What do you think?

Smashbox Enhancing Lip Color in Cactus Flower : $18.00

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