13 January 2012

Love & Beauty Sky Blue + Essie Luxe Effects Shine of the Times

I usually do my nails at the end of the week (like Sunday night), but I just couldn't wait anymore. I finally got Essie Shine of the Times, and I was so excited to use it.

The first time I ever saw flakies was on some random blog, and at first I thought it was an awesome crackle. It was on a cream blue nail polish (like I did today) and it didn't look shiny, it looked like solid color (the way the picture was taken I now know). I also thought it looked like those t-shirts people wore in like the '80s with neon colors on them..I sadly can't find a picture, but I just picture Zach Morris, the early years (does anyone know what I'm trying to say? Probably not.)

On to the polish..Here is the Love&Beauty in Sky Blue. I got this polish in a mini haul I did a couple weeks ago from Forever21. I showed the mint green color I got, now here is the lovely blue :

This is such a pretty blue, nice and creamy. I only needed two coats, but I did three just in case.

After that, I put Essie Shine of the Times on top, and loved it. Sadly, my camera sucks at taking pictures of it. I tried my best here :

Well..there were a lot of pictures, but I deleted them. I figured out I should turn the flash off (duh)..So these are a little better :

I think you should just trust me when I say it looks gorgeous on this blue. I've seen Shine of the Times on some colors that it doesn't look so great, but this one IS!

What do you think?

Essie in Shine of the Times : $8
Love&Beauty in Sky Blue : about $2.25 at Forever21

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