23 January 2012

Day Nineteen : Essence Lipstick in Creamy Nude (05)


Last week I was returning something to Ulta and I thought it would be the perfect time to buy a Revlon Lip Butter..but sadly they only had about 3 different colors (Ulta has been sadly lacking in their products for about a month now. They really need to do something about their inventory!). But anyway, every time I went there, I'd stop at the Essence display and look at their lipsticks. I don't know why I never bought one, they're so inexpensive. This time I finally bought one I've been wanting..there was only one left, so I knew it was waiting for me!

I really like the look of the is very sleek. I also like the clear part that says "Essence" because when the lipstick is all the way down, you can see what color it is before opening it (which is great for when you're in store wondering just how true to color the tube is).

Here it is on my hand :

It looks a little orange on my hand for some reason. On my lips it turns out more nude.

This is a good everyday nude. I feel like I say that about a lot of my lip colors, but..they are! I tend to buy non-crazy colors that I can wear all the time that way I know I'm getting my moneys worth. I love a nice nude lip, and this one is just a tad darker than a normal nude would be. I think that is great because sometimes nude doesn't go well with some eye makeup, but I feel this one can pretty much go with any makeup palette.

What other Essence lipsticks do you like?

Essence Lipstick in Creamy Nude (05) : $2.49

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