24 January 2012

Day Twenty : Napoleon Perdis Set Lipstick in San Francisco


I am almost done with my "challenge"! Today I thought I'd show the lipstick I usually use when I go out, or when I have my eyes done darker than usual. I bought this at Target a while ago.

I like the way the tube looks, and the clear part that shows the color on the lid. This lipstick goes on smooth and glossy, almost as if you used a gloss.

Here it is on the lip :

It is literally a lips blend into my skin. I don't know about the other colors in the line, but this one is so creamy and smooth. It sadly even broke because it was so soft, so I think I might just melt it into a small tester pot I have. I have two of these, but I think I won't buy it again...I'd rather spend a little more money and get a MAC if I'm going to spend that much on a lipstick!

Have you tried any colors from this line?

Napoleon Perdis Set Lipstick in San Francisco : about $12.00

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