27 January 2012

Day Twenty Two : Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me


I was really excited when the Baby Lips line came out, and even happier that Maybelline's Facebook page had a $1 off coupon. I went to Target and got this for only $1.99. I don't like cherry flavored anything, but I thought it'd be fine because I really wanted a red tinted balm. It smells like cherry Chapstick to me! I think if I were to get it again, I'd get the light pink one. 

I think the packaging is cute and very colorful! 

The color is very subtle. I love tinted balms, chapsticks, etc. because you can wear them like a chapstick, but you get color from them.

Here it is on the lip :

The line boasts 8 hour moisture and 77% smoother and suppler lips...I haven't worn it enough to know if this is true, but just that picture makes my lips looks smooth!

Which Baby Lips do you have?

Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me (15) : retail $2.99; with coupon $1.99

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