04 January 2012

I've decided...

I've decided to do a 30 Day lip challenge : a different lip for 30 days. I think I have enough lip glosses, sticks, stains, etc. for that! :)

So here is DAY ONE :

Sephora Lipstick No. 94 (This is from before they changed their collection).

Here's my little story on this lipstick. I waited forever for this color! It was out at the Sephora I always went to (in a town two hours away because they hadn't opened yet in my town) for weeks..maybe even months. I finally got a job, yadda yadda, and was able to order it online - after of course waiting for it to get back into stock. This is from 2006 (back when red exploded in the lipstick scene), and not only was this my first online purchase ever, but it was MY FIRST RED LIPSTICK! So I was excited. :)

Here is it on my arm.

Here it is on the lips :

It's just a tiny bit sheer, but it still gives nice coverage. Its very smooth and shiny. I'm wasn't wearing lipgloss or anything in that picture, just the lipstick alone!! Sephora lipsticks are great that way :)

While this particular style of Sephora lipstick is no longer sold, they have a new style and I'm sure they have similar colors. If you're interested, visit their website here, or find your nearest Sephora store!

Sephora Lipstick in No 94 : $12.00

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