05 January 2012

Day Two : E.L.F. Essential Lipstick in Classy.


I love anything cheap. If a makeup product is cheap AND works really well, I feel like I've won the lottery. I started using e.l.f. in high school before Target started selling it, however, at the time I only got eyeshadows from them.

I just got this lipstick the other day, and I love it. At first when I got it, it was hard to put on because the lipstick was practically frozen and no color was going on my lips (and this also caused the lipstick to break so I had to get another one). Once I warmed it up a bit, though, it went on smoothly!

The weird thing about e.l.f. cosmetics is the color they use to represent the color of the product (if that makes sense). I even notice online it is weird..The package for these lipsticks have stickers that are supposed to represent the color in the tube, but for this one (which is obviously a nice light pink) showed a coral color. This makes for a hard time if you're shopping for products online! Luckily with this lipstick there is a clear space that shows you the lipstick so you'd be able to see the actual color.

...moving on..Here it is on my arm:

It was hard to capture this lipstick because the flash would completely ruin the color.
Here it is on the lip:

I think this is a nice, everyday color most people can wear. It even stays on for a long time!

If you're interested in their lipsticks, or even any other makeup they have (the sell a WONDERFUL eyelid primer for only $1.00), visit their website by clicking here. If you sign up for their email list, they have tons of sales all the time, whether it is a free eyeshadow palette, free shipping on orders $25+, the fantastic 50% everything when you spend $25+, and more!! Or just visit your local Target, they carry a portion of the makeup line.

E.L.F. Essential Lipstick in Classy : $1.00

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