10 February 2012

big news!! (for me..and maybe you)

I am super duper excited ( yeah..I just said DUPER )...I went to a new Walmart today (not really new, but it's the newest one in town) and they sell ELF!! I don't know how long they've been doing that, but I just went yesterday to two different Walmarts (the one I went to today and the oldest one we have) and the old one didn't sell it..and I guess I didn't go down the aisle yesterday I went down today at the new one that I saw the ELF.

What I'm even more excited about is that what they sell is different than what Target sells. They have different Studio products, like the matte lipcolor. The $1 products were also a bit different, but I was too excited about the Matte Lipcolor and Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder. I was going a little crazy, but narrowed it down to two things telling myself "it's a permanent thing..don't go crazy!"

This is what I got at Walmart (from ELF) :

ELF Matte Lip Color in Tea Rose, and Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder  in Blushed/Bronzed.

But here's what I got total :

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails in Solid as a Rock, and Pure Ice in Heartbreaker
I absolutely hate the packaging for the blusher/bronzer duo...well the outer package. To me, the bronzer looks like an olive green/brown color. Not pretty. But it is so pretty inside :

The picture doesn't show it that great..but they're great! I made the mistake of using it like my other bronzer/blush where I rub the brush a couple times to get color but trust me..don't do that. I did that and then put the bronzer on my forehead first, and I then had a brown forehead because so much powder was on there. A little goes a long way. These give great color for those who have never used this brand. I have Candid Coral, and I like it as well. Happy with this purchase.

I love these lip colors. I want to go back and get more. I have wanted this for a long time, so I was excited to see it in store. This is such a feminine color to me, and so is the name : Tea Rose. That's exactly what this color makes me think of..sitting down and drinking tea. Floral dresses, doilies.. yeah. Perfect name ELF!! Here are all these products on my arm (Bronzer, Blush, Lip Color) :

The lighting was a little bit overcast, so this lip picture looks a bit off (to me anyway), but I still thinks this color looks great. I think this also comes in red, a coral color...They have it all on their website if you're curious. They're also only $3 which makes them even greater in my book! 

I also got a couple nail polishes because Walmart finally cleaned up their nail polish area and re-stocked their colors. The past few times I went to look at their Pure Ice section, they've been completely out of everything but the bright green they sell. I was happy to see this color, I saw it a long time ago on someone's blog and wanted it in my collection! I saw a purple version as well (my favorite color) but at a different location so I might have to go see if it's still there next week :

So pretty. Ok a little story..I have wanted Nicole by OPI in Kim-pletely in Love since before it came out, and I have had such a hard time finding it. Everywhere they've been out of it (sort of like Whimsical but I won't even go into that right now!!), so when I saw Sinful Colors Glass Pink I was really excited because, to me, it looked almost like I remember Kim-pletely in Love to look like..not that I had anything to compare it to. So I bought it, and it was only $1.99 which appeased me for a little bit. But I still yearned..everywhere that I went that sold Nicole by OPI I looked to see if they had Kim-pletely in Love but nope.

Yesterday while at Walmart, I saw Sally Hansen Solid as a Rock and got excited because I thought it, too, looked like Kim-pletely in Love. And it's even cheaper than $1.99, so that made me even happier. A friend and I went to two different Walmarts, Target, and CVS yesterday looking for a shampoo, and we went to a CVS that's only been opened about a month by her house, and I almost screamed (not really)..THERE WAS ONE Kim-pletely in Love LEFT!!! Needless to say I got it. So I think I will, soon, compare these three just to see if I was right about them being similar. I saw another blogger was asked to compare Kim-pletely in Love to OPI Pedal Faster Suzi or something, which are obviously not the same color. But these are all similar in my opinion, except maybe the amount of shimmer, and yes I see Kim-pletely in Love is lighter than the other two..but on the nail, we shall see! Glass Pink looks like it has more shimmer, and Solid as a Rock looks like it has a lot less shimmer. I also saw in a swatch that Kim-pletely in Love has a bit of a bluish shimmer to it? Look out for the comparison post soon! :

Sinful Colors Glass Pink, Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Solid as a Rock, Nicole by OPI  Kim-pletely in Love

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