09 February 2012

tales from an orange face.

A couple weeks ago, I went through my makeup cabinet and found a foundation I've never used, Maybelline SuperStay 24 Hours, so I thought I'd use it. I wore it a day, and the end of the day my face looked better than it normally does so I said "that's a keeper!" But it made my skin a little orange, so I took it in to exchange it for the lighter color.

I am normally the lightest color they make, unless they make a porcelain color, in which case I'm the second color. Because of this, I had gotten the second color the first time around, so I got the first one..the lightest one : Porcelain Ivory. Anyway, I decided to use it one day, putting it on my hand a little and rubbing it in and I said "oh yeah this will be perfect", so I put more on my hand and dabbed with my brush before leaving my house to pick up a friend, and when we had stopped at a light, I looked in the mirror to check my lipgloss and my face was literally ORANGE. So orange, I looked like an Umpa Loompa! I freaked out..I have only really started wearing liquid foundation and it seems every time I wear one I have some sort of issue with it. But I just didn't understand why this was SO DARK on me! It was the lightest color they made, and I'm not even that pale. 

I kept asking my friend why the heck she didn't tell me my face was so orange, and she didn't get it because she doesn't wear makeup. I then looked down at my hand where I had put it on earlier to dab my brush on, and it too was orange. The only thing I can think of is that once it is dry, it gets darker. I feel like it was getting darker in the sun, like a tan!! 

Well, there's my story of the week. I'll get it right one day I hope :)

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