27 February 2012

Vintage Pink.

I'm sure by now, most people know about Rimmel being 50% off at Walgreens. There was even a coupon on for $1 off, so it's pretty great! But a couple weeks ago I had bought some cosmetic item at Walgreens and got a $2 off coupon any Rimmel product from the register. I was so excited because I've been wanting one of their lipsticks for a long time, but wasn't willing to pay $7.99 for it.

There was still a lot of Rimmel products today (I know it only started yesterday, but it's a good sale!), and they still had the one I've been wanting, Vintage Pink. I went and got it, $3.99 + $2off...$1.99!! I was so excited. Then I also got another coupon, for $1 off, from the register, so I gave it to my mom so she could also get one. Here's Vintage Pink :

I was so happy. But then I went over a little while later with my mom and as we were looking for a lipstick for her, I saw the KATE MOSS lipsticks and got excited again. I forgot about those! Of course, there was only one of the red and it was completely smashed in the lid so I kept looking. I was torn between 08 and 14. I ended up getting 08, a nice dusty rose. I went to the register with my mom because I figured she'd also get a coupon when she bought hers, and she did...but it was another $2 off! Man I was lucky..on top of that, the lipstick ended up being cheaper than Vintage Pink...$2.99 + $2off : $.99. Yes..two Rimmel lipsticks for under $5. AND I got another $1 off coupon! I will definitely go back at the end of the week, maybe get 14..or see if another store has 001.

I'm excited to wear these! I will do lip swatches tomorrow (my camera died, I was lucky to get these pictures!), and I also have some nail polishes I might swatch I just got today!

Have you taken advantage of the sale at Walgreens? What did you get?

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