24 February 2012

Sky Blue, Green Ocean, and Heartbreaker (PLUS a giveaway I won last month!)

I have at least three Walgreens within 5 miles of my house, so usually if one of them doesn't have something, another one will (and again, if not, then there are a ton more around town and close to my house). I was lucky to find Sinful Colors Cinderella at a new Walgreens down the way, and even luckier to find Green Ocean at the one down the street!!

I was super excited about Green Ocean, so when I got home I started looking at swatches of it to get an idea as to what to pair it with. I saw this one picture (sorry I don't remember the blog name..) used it over a blue on her ring finger and then on every other finger used Pure Ice Heartbreaker, another polish I have which I hadn't used yet. Perfect opportunity to use both!

Here's what I ended up with :

Pure Ice Heartbreaker, Love & Beauty Sky Blue

And here's the lovely ring I got with the Green Ocean polish. Will definitely save it for St. Patrick's Day! :)

I love Sky Blue and am so glad I finally got to wear it (before, I only used it in the tribal nails I did). I also think Green Ocean and Heartbreaker go well with it!

On a completely different topic, a while ago I did a post on polish I won in a giveaway. The same day I found out I won that giveaway, I also found out I won another giveaway (this one) and was so happy! I love simple silver jewelry, especially ones that are a little unique. I finally got the ring today and cannot stop staring at it. It is so well made and strong, I can see it lasting a very long time!

Here is a picture of it on my middle finger paired with a ring I already had (which can be seen above in the same picture as the green ring. I also got that one from Etsy if you're interested!); these are major close-ups :

I also like to wear it on my other hand, but it's a bit big on it (it's fallen off a couple times). I like the look of a loose ring though..weird? A bit. It also looks cute turned around as a double ring :

Frames my freckle nicely, yes? :) If you like this ring you can get it here for $35! Take a look at their other jewelry while you're at it. ALSO this lovely blogger is hosting a giveaway for this ring, so maybe you can be lucky like me and win it.

Don't forget to check out my giveaway page...there are some pretty awesome giveaways going on right now!

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