07 March 2012


I haven't done a post in a while, and for that I am sorry! I think I mentioned before that I volunteer at the local Museum of Art where I live, and every three months or so, they have to take down exhibits and put up new ones, so that is always a busy time for me. I absolutely love it!

But anyway, onto the polish. I'd seen a couple posts of Bare by Sinful Colors and decided I had to have it. I found it at a Walgreens, and when I put it on I knew it was a good decision.

I lo-loooove this polish. I think this is the first polish I've worn that I wasn't bored with it the next day (not to say I don't like my polishes, just that I usually want to put something else on...). This one I had on for more than a week. 

I thought it was a very pretty pink, very feminine. I think this would be a gorgeous color for lips as well (hmm..need to find that now..)

It went on really well, only needing two coats. I was expecting it to be almost creamy, but it had almost a satin finish to it. I want to get a couple more of this color, but I don't see it at a lot of Walgreens.

What do you think? Do you own this color??

Sinful Colors Bare : $1.99

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