15 March 2012

strawberry sundaes and pink pinatas.

I posted a quick picture of Ulta3 Strawberry Sundae a while ago when I posted polishes I won in a giveaway (here). I wanted to post it again to show how I've been wearing it for the past few days!

A while ago I did my first swap (ever!) with my new best friend, Jo, from Canada. I got Revlon's Whimsical and she also kindly sent me Maybelline Pink Pinata, a flakie she told me was similar to Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure (I don't know if that is true, but I still love the flakie whether it is or not!). I'd been wearing a lot of blues and purples lately, I decided to do pink this time around..definitely a color I tend to put on my toes only unless it is a light, almost nude, shade. Here's what I came up with :

It was hard to capture the flakie, but I did my best. I really like this combo, but it startles me at times. The first day I had it on, I went grocery shopping and they scared me a bit when I was putting stuff on the counter from my cart, it was so bright! (on a side note, there was a lady in the makeup aisle painting her nails..not her finger nails either!)

When I first got Pink Pinata I had swatched it really quick on top of Sinful Colors Bare and never posted it, so here that is also :

It is a pretty flakie, but it isn't very chunky (I guess is how I would describe it..). I liked it better on Strawberry Sunday because I feel it disappeared on top of Bare!

What's your opinion? Do you have this flakie?

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  1. Strawberry Sundae looks great on you - so girly! And the combo with the flakie is out of sight - love it, bright n fun :)