29 April 2012


How was everyone's weekend? Mine was okay. I had coffee with a friend and gave her a late birthday present (which consisted of 6 nail polishes and a lip gloss!). Other than that, I had a pretty slow weekend. Anyway, I got Sinful Colors Cinderella a while back. I find it a bit similar to Glass Pink from SC (except it's blue, obviously). I like it, but it's not a favorite. For me, it took three generous coats to get opaque and I was bored with it after I put it on..don't get me wrong it's a pretty color, just maybe not for me. Here it is :

I saw this was recently lumped in with the GIRLS IN PEARLS set of polishes SC put out, which consisted of a couple blues, a couple pinks, a yellow, a coral, a purple, and a teal, all with shimmer. Some of the colors, like Cinderella, are part of their permanent collection, so I bought almost all of the ones that were LE last week when the polishes were on sale for $.99. I will definitely be posted those soon! 

What do you think?

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