15 April 2012

get real-ism & coral amber.

Today I have two different colors. There was no sun today, just tons of rain, but I did the best I could with the pictures!

A while ago I took advantage of Sally's Beauty Supply's $10 off $20 coupon and bought a lot of Finger Paints. I really like the variety this line has, and they are really great polishes for not that much money . This one is Finger Paints Get Real-ism. It's such a pretty purple with hints of pink. Two coats was really good, but I always do three just in case.

I was going through my mom's five nail polishes she owns and found an old SH Nail Prisms! I used to work at Walgreens in the beauty department, and because I was good with sales, I got to go to a meeting that had Samy (the hair care products guy), a representative from Sally Hansen, and a representative from Isa Dora Cosmetics (this was in 2006/7, because Walgreens..or anyone really in the US I don't think...doesn't sell Isa Dora anymore). Everyone there got a TON of free hair products, nail polish, and makeup. I was one happy girl!! Anyway, I forgot I gave this to her so I took it back (she obviously never used it!), and painted her nails with it. Again, sadly there was NO sun today, but you can still see the potential it has to be awesome in sunlight. Here's Coral Amber :

So pretty! I had this on my toes a while ago when I first found it and didn't see what the big deal was with the Nail Prisms...and then I went outside and the sun glimmered on my pretty! My mom keeps looking at her nails (she doesn't paint them often) and saying she has a champagne party going on on her nails...haha oh mom..

I'm off to put my headphones on and blast some music. My dad is blasting Spoon's "The Underdog" with his headphones and singing loudly to it..have you heard that song? It's a good one..just not when my dad sings it :) Have a great week!

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