16 April 2012

neptune in the ocean.

I've seen a lot of caviar nails recently (or fish egg as some people are choosing to call them) and I thought they're kinda fun! I went to Michael's and got some micro beads that were on clearance for only $3.50 and got six colors. Martha Stewart has a set of 12, but her stuff is too expensive for me. Here's what I ended up with (Sinful Colors Neptune, Recollections Micro Beads in Ocean) :

Neptune is such a pretty color. I don't have a lot of blue polishes, so I'd say this was a great buy. Like most Sinful Colors it goes on pretty good, only needing a couple coats! If you haven't tried this awesome trend yet, I'm sure there are a ton of videos on YouTube showing how to do it, it is SUPER easy. 

And because I like seeing a lot of pictures on people's blogs of their nails, here are a lot of mine :) :

Hope you like! Have you tried this yet??

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