09 May 2012


I'd been seeing these a lot, so I thought I'd share my version!! The colors I used : Love & Beauty Mint and Sky Blue.

How I did these : I first painted my whole nail in Mint, then I used an eye shadow sponge (after the green was dry) and put Sky Blue on the sponge and then started dabbing away. This was really easy...hard to mess it up. For example, I messed up on my nail and tried to fix it by sponging more blue because it looked more like a line than fading. By the time I got it right, there was too much blue and just a little green, so I went back with more green. Using an eye shadow sponge makes it easy to get around small areas on your nail.

What do you think? Tomorrow I'll be posting another gradient nail done with a makeup sponge instead (which is what most people seem to be using!).

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