11 May 2012

gradient, part 2.

I did my nails gradient again, this time using a different method. Everyone who tells how they did their nails this way said they used a makeup sponge, so I tried it!

I started out by painting my nails white. I then took a makeup sponge (the triangle kind, not rounds) and the end with a rectangle, I cut to the length of my nail, then painted three stripes of color on it. 

After that, I sponged my way horizontally across my nail (if that makes sense). For the empty spots that didn't get color, I used the corner of the opposite side of the sponge. Super easy!

There are lots of tutorials and videos on the internet if you want to try this yourself!

What do you think?

Blue - Sinful Colors Sweet Dreams
Purple - Sinful Colors Amethyst
Coral - LA Colors Magnetic Force

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