13 June 2012

my pointe exactly.

I did these last month and I loved them! I want to get all the colors in the NY Ballet collection from OPI, but I settled for getting the grey and the glitter. My Pointe Exactly is a gorgeous grey/blue polish, but like all the colors in the collection, VERY VERY SHEER. Because I was doing a sandwich, I literally almost did 10 coats on the bottom just to get it opaque (next time I will find a similar grey/blue polish instead). I then did two coats of Spoiled by Wet n Wild Trust Fund Baby, then two or three more coats of My Point Exactly. Strangely my nails weren't unbelievable thick with polish considering the amount of polish I had on!

I will be doing these again, maybe with a different glitter next time (even though I loved how well the glitter and OPI went together). It was fun to wear, and I think it was the longest I've worn a polish in a long time (at least 4 days).

What do you think? Do you have either of these polishes?

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