26 August 2013

bohemian summer.

Hello all! I feel like this weekend went by so fast, even though all I did was hang out with my friend on Saturday...and that's all. I did buy a few things, and I think I'll post my mini-haul, but I didn't go too crazy this month, mostly because I'm starting school soon and I don't have a job anymore. I am also going out of town in October and November with my friend, so I am saving money to do stuff with her. Every year in November me and my friend try and do something because our birthdays are 5 days apart, so it just makes sense to celebrate together!

Anyway, the beginning of this month I went to Santa Barbara and bought a few (a lot) of stuff, and this nail polish from Urban Outfitters is one of them. They're polishes are pretty fun colors, they usually have more colors every time I go there. They're also only $5, or 2/$8, so they're not too expensive like some other polishes I've seen sold at clothing stores (I think American Apparel is a little pricier). 

I have been wanting a polish like this for a while, and I recently saw at my Sephora in JC Penney they had the Illamasqua polishes like this were on clearance for $10..nice, but still pretty expensive for my taste. They had purple, green, pink, and blue. When I saw Bohemian Summer at Urban, I snatched it up! 

It is a gorgeous blue, and it almost looks like a robin's egg. These kinds of polishes with the black glitter in them all look like something, which I think is always fun. I saw a green version and a white version at the Icing store in the mall (which also aren't that cheap and I don't think of their brand to be anywhere near the quality of their fellow polishes, but whatever). The green kind of looks like mint chocolate chip ice cream and the white one looks like regular chocolate chip ice cream. 

I used three coats for this polish, but it was good at 2. I just always do an extra one on everything. I used the NYC Grand Central Station top coat, which if you haven't tried yet, I really recommend you do because it is so amazing. It is shiny and keeps my polish looking pretty for a long time. It is only $1.99 (or $1.79 at Target, I think) which is another plus.

And there is my poor thumb nail. I had to cut both my thumb nails, weirdly, for reasons I'm not sure. They both were about to rip a little too far down my nail bed for comfort, so I just cut them myself before I had to suffer the pain of a nail that is too far down.

I hope you enjoyed these! Do you have anything similar to this polish, and if so, what brand is it?


  1. This is really pretty!! :D

    That is so cool that your friend and you have your birthdays so close :) I bet November is going to be awesome for you! :D

    1. Thank you!
      Yeah November is pretty great..the weather is nice, my birthday, and Thanksgiving!
      Thank you for commenting :)

  2. What an awesome nail polish. I really want to try it now:) Happy Tuesday, lovely.