19 August 2013

watermelon/coral twist.

Helloooo again. Today was really windy, and yet still hot as hell (I think I read it was 108 degrees!). I'm really hoping this wind will bring cooler weather. I love cold it. 

I bought these when they first came out. I love these balms a lot. According to the website, they have mango and shea butter so they go on smooth. The packaging is like the balms from Revlon and Clinique. I have to say, the one thing I hate about them is that when you take off the plastic, they don't have their names anywhere on them. If I have both of these in my purse and I pick just one out, I can't tell which one it is because they are pretty similar unless they are next to each other. They do have numbers on the bottom, so if you can remember that way, I guess you're okay.  

TOP Watermelon Twist (215) BOTTOM Coral Twist (235)

Coral Twist
Watermelon Twist
 I love both of these colors. These do not have any shimmer or frost to them, and I'm not sure if any of the other colors do. They aren't stains like Revlon's balms are, but I like that about them. They have just enough shine, go on smooth, and have a nice amount of color. I'm sure if you wanted more color, you can really pack it on. Because they have shea and mango butter in them, they are nice and moisturizing. These would be great in the winter months when you need that moisture in your lips, and they add color! I'm not a huge fan of Cover Girl products, but I love these. I will most likely buy some more in the future. According to their website, there are 16 shades.

Do you have any of these colors? Which ones?

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