16 August 2013

texture nails.

Hello all! I went out of town this week to the beautiful Santa Barbara, California (and Carpinteria, California). I always love going there, it is where I was born, and the Pacific Ocean is always beautiful. It is only 2 hours from where I live now, so me and my mother went over the Grapevine and enjoyed ourselves. We also met up with some family who was in town from SWEDEN (my Uncle)!

I wanted to do something fun on my nails for the trip, so I did these nails. I've heard them called spun sugar, texture nails..I don't know what else. They are a pain to do, and take up a lot of time. I did them from the tutorial here. The first two pictures are without a top coat. Every person I have seen do these has not used a top coat, so I didn' first (please ignore the purple in the corner of my pointer nail).

I took these the night I did my nails. I can already see the nail polish on the pointer finger coming off. That is why I decided to put a top coat on the nails. 

These next two have a top coat. They did flatten the "spun sugar" part of my nails, but you can still tell the polish is thick in most places.

1. Make sure when you pour your polish onto the plastic and start to thicken it that you put enough down. When it starts to thicken, there is less polish. That might end up being a problem when you go to do your nail and you can't finish because there is no more polish to "string".
2. I compare the "spun sugar" polish to hot glue from a hot glue gun. It can become very stringy, like when the glue is drying. When you are taking off the excess strings around your nails, don't pull it because it might pull away from the nail. I pushed down with my clean-up brush around my nail and the polish remover broke up the polish so they came off nicely. 
3. It might be messy around your nails; if that is a problem, maybe use tape around your nail so clean-up is easier! I just used a Q-Tip and it was easy to clean. 
4. If you do end up using a top coat, go up and down with your brush and if you have some left over, go horizontally. 
5. Use two colors, or use many colors. Have fun!

Yellow - Sinful Colors Unicorn
Blue - Sinful Colors Morning Song
Dark Purple - Sinful Colors Fig
Blue Glitter - Love & Beauty Baby Blue Shimmer (gotta love the no-name polishes at Forever21!)
I like to use inexpensive polish whenever I do nail art that is going to need a lot of polish. I don't feel bad for using a lot of the polish in the bottle because it was inexpensive (in Sinful Colors case, only $1.99 or on sale a lot for $.99 or 2/$3). 

And here is a beautiful picture of the beach in Carpinteria, California.

On my toes: Sinful Colors Daredevil

Have a great weekend.

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