07 January 2012

Day Four: Sonia Kashuk Luxury Lip Color in Floweret


This is another example of a lipstick I saw in a magazine. I like that it is an alternative to a classic red's red-orange, or as I've seen some people call it, apricot. It kind of reminds me of a vintage lip color. There is no shimmer, no frost, it is just a nice, creamy color!

I haven't worn this for a long time, probably since I bought it, and I don't know why. It is a really nice color. The thing I have noticed about it, however, is that when it fades on your lips, it tends to have a grainy texture to it. It isn't extreme to where it would bug you (like some of my organic chapsticks get), but there is a definite change to the way it feels when I rub my lips together. This won't stop me from wearing it again, though!

Here it is on my hand :

You can see it is a bit sheer, but it does give great coverage! It is also nice and glossy.
Here it is on the lip (in the shade) :

Here it is on the lip (in sunlight) :

I didn't use a flash with the second picture, but as you can see, they look completely different in the shade vs. the light. Both are very gorgeous in my opinion!!

If you are interested in this product, you can get other lip colors of the same brand here, or visit any Target location (because I am pretty sure it is a Target exclusive brand?) Sadly I don't think they have this exact color anymore.

Sonia Kashuk Luxury Lip Color in Floweret : $8.99

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