06 January 2012

Day Three : Maybelline ColorSensational Lip Color in So Pearly


Like I'm sure most people do, I get a lot of makeup ideas from magazines (and blogs of course). I used to look through Marie Claire, Cosmo, Allure, and Nylon, looking at all the new makeup that month and the colors I liked. Each month, I'd have napkins everywhere with notes written on them! The point of my story is that most of the lipstick I have were ideas I got from magazines, like this one:

I normally don't like frosty colors, and usually reach for creams or shimmer. But I saw this on a model in a magazine, fell in love and thought "I could pull that off!" So I got it..and loved it..and I do believe I can pull it off :)

They have different shades of this kind of lip color, lighter and darker, so no matter what your skin color, there is a nice nude lip anyone can pull off with a frosty finish.

Here is what it looks like on my arm (this picture makes it seem very shimmery, which it is, but it is also frosty):

And here it is on the lip, in daylight:

in the shade:

I liked this so much I grabbed a couple..I also got a version of it in a lipgloss which I will probably do sometime in this 30 day challenge!

What ColorSensational lip colors have you tried?

Maybelline ColorSensational Lip Color in So Pearly: price ranges - cheaper at Target/Walmart, more expensive at drugstores like Walgreens/CVS (unless on sale or if there is a manufacture coupon).

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