14 January 2012

Day Ten : Wet n Wild Mega Last Lip Color in Stoplight Red (911D)


Yayy it's the weekend!! :) Today I have another red lipstick, again from Wet n Wild. I bought this around the same time I got Cherry Bomb, and I think it is just as great. It is a bright, bold red. I know I described Cherry Bomb as bold, also, but they are obviously different bolds.

Some people like wearing reds everyday, and I think this one would be perfect for that. I just like to wear this with natural eye makeup, or maybe just a little black eyeliner.

I think it would be good to used a lip liner with this, maybe even a brush. I didn't this time, but this stick is a little big to do a good job with! I ended up just using the edge of it to get the edges of my lips.

Mega Last Lip Colors give great coverage. One swipe around your lips is enough, which I think is fantastic.

Has anyone else tried this color?

Wet n Wild Mega Last Lip Color in Stoplight Red (911D) : about $2.99

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