05 January 2012

Mini - Love & Beauty Haul

Me and my mom went to Forever21 the other day, and each time I go in there, they have a limited amount of nail polishes out, and some by the register, but this time, they had a bunch all in the same place, so I went crazy. I limited myself to only four, though, but promised them I would be back next week for more.

Here is what I got! :

Love & Beauty Nail Polish in Star Glitter, Aqua Glow in the Dark, Mint, and Sky Blue.

Here's a closeup of the star glitter and the Aqua Glow in the Dark :

Even closer of each:

I'm excited about both of these. My mom used the glitter one, and as I expected, the glitter doesn't just go on nicely. The clear is thin so it doesn't stick, but that doesn't matter. I can just dab them on.
Also, I used the glow in the dark on my nails for polka dots, but I think if I were to use it by itself it would be very sheer no matter how many coats I put on. I think it'd be nice on top of another opaque color of a similar shade. Even so, I think I am going back to buy all the different glow in the dark colors. They are just so awesome to me..and only $2.80!

I had been wanting a nice minty green for my nails for a while, and I didn't want to spend a lot of money on it. A couple months before I had taken a picture of nail polishes from Forever21 and sent them to my mom as a "wishlist picture" for my birthday and Christmas, so looking back on them I thought "Perfect! I'll also get a pretty blue in the same pack!"

The pack was even cute, and it is reusable with a zipper lock on the back! Also, the fact that it is only $4.50 was great in my book considering one nail polish is $2.80 normally. They have a few other packs like this, with red, black, purple and more, but this was exactly what I was looking for, so I was happy.

Here are Mint and Sky Blue up closer :

So far, I've only used Mint on my nails, but I love it. They go on creamy, and it took only two coats for it to become opaque. I took a picture of it with one coat, though, so you can see what it looked like (excuse the messy-ness around the nails!)

Here's what it looks like with three coats (again,they're messy..I am a messy polisher) :

And because I was really excited about the glow in the dark polish, I did polka dots on my accent nails. They are so cute when I turn the lights off! I really wish I could get a picture of them glowing, but my camera just doesn't capture them. If you look closely, you can see blue dots on the one nail.

All in all, I think these were great buys. I guess I was in a blue/green mood or something, I didn't realize until I got home just how many of the same thing I got. Next week I will get more variety (I had my eye on a few reds and purples!). Love & Beauty also had a line of sceneted polishes and matte colors. I am very excited to buy more! :)

[ I used Seche Vite on top of my nails. ]

Has anyone else used Love & Beauty nail polish?

Love & Beauty nail polishes range from about $1.50-$2.80 each. They have two packs like the one above for $4.50, and they even have sets with a lot more in them for under $10.

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