29 January 2012

Day Twenty Four : ELF Essential Elements Custom Lips in Crimson


I got this for free for subscribing to NYLON magazine about a year ago and I haven't really used it. There are only about two colors I like it in, the red and pink. Here is Crimson. It looks like a pink/red to me.

Here it is on the lip :

It's a nice simple color, but nothing special about it. It's more sheer than not, but I kinda like that about it. I also like the palette that I can change out the colors if I choose to, whether it is with an eyeshadow or face powder (blushes and stuff). The set also comes with a mini shadow sponge/lip brush. I don't know about other stores, but Target here only has the eyeshadows to fill this, no face or lip ones (they might not even have the palette itself!). But they have a nice selection online, and it is all just $1.00 each...four colors for $4.00 is a deal in my book!

ELF Essential Elements Custom Lips in Crimson : $1.00 each

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