08 February 2012

ULTA Sparkle and Shine Swatches + Review.

Hey all.. Well I got this for Christmas from my friend, Liz. I think it's really cute! In fact I was eyeing it every time I had gone to ULTA. I thought I'd show the different colors they have in it and swatch them. I don't think they sell the set anymore, but the colors inside are sold in their full sizes. 

Here is the box they come in. It's brown satin.

Here are the glosses. It's a pink set! The numbers I put on there aren't the ones you would see in store, I put them on there so as not to get confused when seeing them on my arm or lip. That brings to the weird thing about this set..they don't tell you what color they are!! I know they sell these in the bigger sizes in store (if not all of them, then most of them), because I have one of them and I've seen others.

Here they are on my arm. I was excited when I did this because they look very pigmented and shimmery, but it isn't really the case when they go on the lip :

#1 : I like this color. It's sheer, and doesn't really have color. I like that it mutes my natural color, though. 

#2 : This has a bit more color, but it isn't very noticeable. It almost seems more clear than any color.

#3 : Looking at the tube, I thought "Finally! Something different." But nope..It does have more shimmer, but it still seems to look like #2.

#4 : Still getting darker, even thought it doesn't look like it, but I'm sure compared to #1 it's darker.

#5 : FINALLY! Love this color. It's a creamy pink and very pretty. I may just have to take it in and find it's larger twin :)

#6 : Sheer color, like a tinted lip clear gloss (if that makes sense).

#7 : A nice, darker pink with shimmer, a big step from the other colors!

#8 : This is lighter than the previous, but it's more brown than pink. It does still have pink tint in it though, and lots of shimmer.

#9 : A darker brown pink. I think it's pretty!

#10 : More brown than pink. On my hand it looks similar to #8, but it doesn't really look the same on the lip. 

  • Nice range of pinks.
  • Shiny.
  • No noticeable smell.
  • Small, great for on the go, and for when you just want to try the colors.
  • Can easily get the larger tube from ULTA. 
  • Sheer (for those who like that).
  • Not sticky, not watery.

  • Takes multiple dips in the tube to cover lips.
  • Doesn't tell you name on anything, so you would have to take it in the store and try and match it.
  • Sheer (for those who don't like that).
ULTA Sparkle and Shine : I don't know the price of this, but it doesn't matter since I don't think they sell it. But the larger tubes are about $8.

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