04 June 2012

on tour.

Happy Summer! I have to say, this is the one season I really hate. The average temperature where I live is at least 90 degrees (maybe I don't know..but it is hot hot hot here, a lot of times even in the 100s) and I hate heat! Bleh. Anyway, this was the first time I used Wet n Wild MegaLast and I really liked it! This is On Tour with silver hex glitter from Sally Girl

I liked this at first, but after a few hand washes, the silver started coming off the microbeads, making them clear which I was then able to see the purple nail polish underneath (maybe next time use the same color polish of the beads I use, duh!). 

I probably won't be doing this again, but I do like the hex glitter on top of On Tour!

What do you think? How's Summer going for you??

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