30 July 2013

nail rock.

Hello all! I went to TJ Maxx the other day to see if they had ButterLONDON polishes (they did not). But I did see Nail Rock Nail Wraps in Tribal Gold. I have never heard of these, but when I came home to look them up on the web, I found them at for $8 - I got these for $3.99! 

I thought these were so cute. I love the fact that each nail is different. I have been going through a nail strip phase, trying different ones, and they are all usually the same print or color on every nail. 

HOWEVER, upon putting them on, the way they looked was the only thing that I liked about them. They don't stretch at all, they are basically stickers. They bunch up around my cuticles and at the tip of my nails. When I went to file the edges off, it left a ragged edge that had a bunch of strings (if that makes sense).

You can see in both these pictures that the stickers are bunched up around the cuticles and nail edges. Not cute! It also kept getting caught on things, like a jagged nail might. 

So after all that loveliness, I took them off the next day (today). I thought taking them off would be another great thing about them, because they just peel off (because they're stickers!!) but Oh My God..I peeled them off and thought "That was easy!" Turns out they peeled some nail off too. My nails are jagged right now, like when you peel off nail polish. NOT GOOD. I didn't even notice until I put on nail polish and saw all the jagged pieces sticking up. 

All in all, these are my least favorite nail strips I have used. They are very cute, but there is no way I would try these again. I am just glad I didn't buy them full price.

Has anyone heard of these/tried these? What do you think?

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